March 21-24, 2021
Virtual Conference

Guidelines regarding Video Submission

Guidelines for ISPD presentation (link)

Timeline for submitting your slides and video:

  • March 1st: PDF or PowerPoint file of your slides for the longer presentation must be submitted.
  • March 8th: Long + short videos for your talk (long video only for keynotes).

Outline of speaker requirements for presentation videos

Other than for the exceptions detailed below, two presentations must be submitted: a short 5 minute video that will be played in the session, and a 15 to 20 minute longer video that attendees can watch for more details.

Short 5 minute video: title slide, summary slides, conclusion

Long 15 to 20 minute video: title slide, outline, slides overviewing work, conclusion

  • For Session 4 speakers, short videos of 5 minutes each + a long video for Patrick Madden to cover the paper.
  • For Session 9 speakers, please provide just a long video of 30 to 45 minutes.
  • For keynote speakers, please provide just a long video of 45 minutes.

Send your bio to the session chair by March 15th. They will give you a one minute introduction in the session.

How to record a presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint?

Follow this link for instructions on how to record a slide show.

To save the video in PowerPoint, do File -> Export -> Create a Video -> Create Video.

The presentation quality should be at least 1024 x 768, with an aspect ratio 4:3.

How to upload presentation slides/videos?

Speakers were emailed the link to their session's Dropbox folder to upload presentations.

Create a Dropbox account using your email address. If you already have a Dropbox account with another email, email to send you a new invitation. Contact us if you have problems uploading files.

Can we use a corporate Powerpoint template?

Yes, you’re free to use your organization’s PowerPoint template. Company/university name and/or logo should only appear on the title slide.

Will ISPD be hosting the videos or will they be hosted on other platforms?

  • You submit the presentation videos to ISPD through a Dropbox upload link for the session.
  • We double-check the content and then upload it to a private YouTube channel.
  • Conference video playback will be over Zoom, followed by live questions/answers.
    • The keynote talks are only available live in this manner, and will not be put on YouTube.
  • Attendees can also watch the videos over YouTube, and access slides from the ISPD website.
  • The conference papers will also be available through the ACM digital library.

Will the content for ISPD be available on-demand post event?

Yes. Except for keynotes, slides and videos will be permanently available online. The papers or keynote/invited talk abstract and bio will be available through the ACM digital library.

Will ISPD embargo the video content for a period of time post-event?