ISPD 2015 Blockage-Aware Detailed Routing-Driven Placement Contest

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Name Description Last Update
Hidden benchmark designs Hidden benchmark designs. Apritl 16, 2015
Final results Contest results presentation. Apritl 1, 2015
Contest Benchmark Suite Documentation Contest benchmark suite documentation. January 15, 2015
Contest Benchmark Suite Contest benchmark suite. December 30, 2014
Placement submission procedure DEF placement file submission instructions. November 10, 2014
Sample_Benchmark_Suite The sample benchmark suite. November 10, 2014
Sample_Benchmark_Suite Documentation The sample benchmark suite documentation. November 10, 2014
LEF/DEF version 5.7 Manual The 2009 LEF/DEF version 5.7 Reference Manual provided by Cadence Design Sysetms Inc. and posted on November 10, 2014
DEF placement file checker Checks validity of to be submitted DEF placement file. November 10, 2014
C++ API to RippleDP C++ API to RippleDP detailed placer provided by Professor Evangeline F.Y. Young and her Ph.D. student William Chow from CUHK. March 1, 2015
C++ API to NCTUgr NCTUgr global router API. You must use gcc 4.6.1 or later versions to compile this library. Please note that use of NCTUgr is limited to academic research groups only. Users who are interested in industry or commercial purposes must notify its author, Dr. Wen-Hao Liu (, to request a separate license agreement. November 10, 2014
Contest Call for participation Call for participation and contest description. October 26, 2014